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Sudo Mesh Accounting WG Meeting #2 - 5/8/2018


  • Ben, Mai, Jenny, robb, Marc
  • Facilitator: Mai

Last Meeting's Action Items

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Discussion: Fundraising

  • Ben: Haven't had any new patreon patrons in about a month
    • Mai: Need to concretize our ask, requires fine-tuning our goals
    • Jenny: Can start making more regular posts on the Patreon page and tweet/post back linking to the patreon posts
  • Marc: Would be good to set up a meeting with Mei Lin, very well-connected, to also potential corporate sponsors
    • others willing to join said meeting, get advice
  • Mozilla Grant: need to schedule a meeting to see where we're at on that
    • Marc: should make a video. we have some stock footage
      • Sierk has been taking some footage
        • also the guy who filmed the last BYOI
          • would be nice to have a huge file server on the mesh to dump this kind of stuff
            • noemie has some footage, currently has jenny's hard drive. marc also has some, will give to robb
    • Draft of Round 2 written answers here:
      • Make next week's meeting focused around the mozilla challenge?

Discussion: Purchasing Request Form

Future Steps

  • Mai: Spinning off another entity eg worker coop or another nonprofit, for paid maintainers/staff?
    • consumer coop consisting of users, who pay maintainers
    • worker coop made up of maintainers
      • robb: definitely brings up liability issues
      • ben: and concretize accountability, what people receive and expect in return for $
        • jenny: we got another Directors & Officers insurance quote... for $7K :P (for context, Omni's annual premium is $2K)

Action Items

Last Meeting Notes

End of Meeting