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The Sudo Mesh Accounting Working Group meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 5-6:30pm.

Make a Purchase Request

Purchase Requests

Purchase Guidelines/Procedures

The current guideline comes from a proposal made during the June 5 Tuesday meeting. There are three purchase categories:

  • Up to $500 each Accounting WG member can spend on the card without approval, with their discretion.
  • Above $500, you need pre-approval from Accounting WG (see #Make_a_Purchase_Request).
  • Above $2000 we need approval from 5 board members via signature/email consent.

Current Accounting Working Group Members

  • Robb
  • Mai
  • Ben (eenblam)
  • Bengo
  • Grant
  • Benny
  • Marc

How to join the Accounting WG

Come to an accounting working group meeting and get consensus from the current accounting working group members! (There will probably be an expectation that you have demonstrated some amount of commitment to the project.)

Meeting Minutes Archive