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2D printing

As of of 2022-04-24 this page/section appears to be stale. is not responding to ping, and my computer does not find other printers on the local network ~ User:Oconnore

sudo room currently has the following networked printers:

and a Digital Duplicator that does very fast cheap monochrome prints (but only cheap in quantity)

3D printing

Dual printers.jpg

Yes, we have 3D printers!

  • We're planning to build a RepRap.

Tuesdays is our 3D-printing hack night. Please join us!

Check out our intro to 3D modeling and our gallery of prints!

printing more SudoKits with the 3D printer


There is a Label printer connected to the Space server laptop.

Our CNC Mill is sorta like a "wood printer".

Printers that aren't at Sudo anymore: