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##* '''Be careful''' not to move in the X and Y directions since this could break the bit. This is why the bit should be just above the stock when you set it as origin.
## Now, with the bit in place select the '''Zero X''', '''Zero Y''', '''Zero Z''' buttons in order to set the origin by which your design will be milled.
## At this point, lift the bit up in the Z direction just a tad. Select '''Reset'''. Select '''Cycle Start <Alt-R>'''.
## If you're using text, or some image with a left-to-right or right-to-left orientation, it's likely that you will need to "flip" the image in order for it to be milled in the correct direction. Namely, setting the Scale for X to -1 did the trick for us.
## Finally, use the '''Regen. Toolpath''' button to ensure the newly set origin takes effect.
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