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==Rocket Stove:==
[[File:Rocket Stove.jpg|thumb|Rocket stove in action in Oakland. by [[User:EM_Che]]]]
Hella handout books* Made using found materials.* Design encourages accessibility to those without capital or experience.* Construction skills involve bending metal and cutting metal, without welding.* Necessary tools: hammer and vice grips (for bending [[Art of Bookbindingmetal|metal experiments]]), and something sharp: scissors, garden shears, knife, or pliers.* All materials are found on the street, total cost zero.* Replicability tested. After loss, was rebuilt in a day and made at [[Noisebridge|]]
You will need:# 1 large coffee can, paint can, or industrial-size fruit can.# 1 regular size soup can# small piece of metal, for the fuel shelf.# large piece of metal, or interior can with less diameter than the outer canister. Crunch, hack... more details and plan coming soon.[[Metal Experiments]] == Hella Handout Books: == [[Art of Bookbinding]] ==Fast and music: ==
==Avoidanceof Government.==
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