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Filed by Marc Juul Christoffersen (treasurer as of late 2014) and Matt Senate (on the board of directors at the time).
Our tax year ends on November 30th, so the filing dates for form 199N and form 990 is April 15th instead of the normal May 15th. We should really change this.
We e-filed 199N e-postcard, and we filed it on time at around 11 pm April 15th.
We filed form 990 using form990.org (a free service) at about 1:30 am April 16th and we had to email them an authorization form so they probably won't actually file it until start of business on April 16th. This means we will have filed at least one day late! We may have to pay a small fine for this, but we should receive information about this in the mail. The thing we had to email was "Form 8453-EO" which is an authorization to allow them to e-file. Marc Juul has both a copy of form 8453-EO and the login details for form990.org
* [[Media:Sudo room 2014 form 990 and supplements.pdf|Federal tax filing: Form 990 and supplements]]
* [[Media:Sudo room 2014 form 199N e-postcard.pdf|California state filing: 199N e-postcard]]


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