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The Table of Contents below is a list of all possible groups, select one to read a description and see other relevant information:

Timeless infinite light

Timeless, Infinite Light is a small press in Oakland, California. We publish creative work from emerging Bay Area writers. As a collective, we create and publish textual, audial, visual, and interactive works. We seek to bring new works to light, works that surprise and move us in an infinite number of ways. We host workshops, readings, exhibitions, and performances for the cultivation of artistic community and dialogue.

The Bay Area Public School

The Bay Area Public School is a completely free, radical, local education project with an open curriculum, where anyone can propose a course or event to teach, facilitate, or learn. Following this model, in just over one year we have come to host over two dozen classes that serve the Bay Area in language, poetry, philosophy, art, film, martial arts, and more. An exciting experiment in presenting radical alternatives to existing educational institutions, the School is totally horizontal with respect to both its organizing and its teaching, in response to a collective recognition of the need for free, public spaces in which to engage in the shared exploration of new ideas through collaborative learning and creative inquiry.

  • website
  • Current space: A room in 2141 Broadway close to sudo room.
  • Status: Unincorporated (and generally unwilling to have a board of directors?).

Counter Culture Labs

Counter Culture Labs is a community of citizen scientists furthering innovation through hands-on projects and education in the East Bay. We are building a new community lab for the East Bay, focused on DIY biology and citizen science. A place to explore, learn, work on fun projects, tinker with biology and other sciences. Open to biotech professionals, scientists, and citizen scientists of all stripes

  • website
  • Status: Incorporated as a public benefit non-profit corporation. Will apply for 501(c)(3) status.
  • Current space: None.
  • Current income: None. Income will begin when a suitable space has been found.
  • Future income: Membership will likely cost about $100 per member per month. Having 20+ members within 6 months should be doable.

Problematic requirements

According to Margot Prado (from the City, who helped write some of these zoning laws), we don't require the Industrial Activity "Research and Development" which is not permitted in this zone. The Research Service and Medical Service activities should be enough and they are permitted.

More CCL zoning info here.

sudo room

Sudo Room is an open membership, non-hierarchical, collaborative community working towards social change. Since late 2011, we have created and grown an inclusive, dedicated hackerspace in downtown Oakland for collaborating on ideas and projects in citizen science, digital citizenship and literacy, environmental sustainability, community engagement, and self-government. Sudo Room is committed to access, empowerment, transparency and public good. Sudoers have a great diversity of interests and we emphasize respect and solidarity among ourselves and with others. Learn more at

  • website
  • Status: Incorporated as a public benefit non-profit corporation. Will likely apply for 501(c)(3) status.
  • Current space: A room in 2141 Broadway close to the bay area public school.
  • Current income: $1750 per month from membership.
  • Future income: Bigger space means more room for different activities means more members.

Problematic requirements

sudo room wants to do wood and metal working and similar activities. We need to find out which of these are permitted and which are not.

sudo room requires ADA compliance, so wheel chair accessibility and wheel chair accessible bathrooms are needed. Are there currently spacious bathrooms on the ground floor?

sudo mesh

sudo mesh is building a decentralized, libre network for the East Bay: we believe in the creation of local internets and locally-relevant applications, the cultivation of community-owned telecommunications networks in the interest of autonomy and grassroots community collaboration, and ultimately, in owning the means of production by which we communicate.

sudo mesh is part of People's Open Network.

  • website
  • Status: Incorporated as a public benefit non-profit corporation. Will apply for 501(c)(3) status.
  • Current space: Working out of sudo room.
  • Current income: None. Crowdfunded about $3200 in a one-off campaign.
  • Future income: Will buy routers, change the firmware, and sell them for some small profit. Other money-making ideas also on the table. Time will tell what the income will be, but having $500+ a month for some small space of their own is a near term goal

Prelinger Library

Mentioned by David as a potential group:

Local Flavor

  • website
  • Email:
  • Status: For-profit coop that donates money and work to social justice groups.

Juul (talk) talked to Marc and Ricardo from this group and they are possibly interested in renting kitchen and walk in freezer space for their group at the Omni. They are not sure if any of the kitchen spaces are suitable. They didn't seem too interested in something that needs a lot of work to get up and running.

Possible complication: They are for profit which could conflict with a welfare property tax exemption.

Planting Justice

Rhodey from sudo room talked to Planting Justice. They are apparently very successful and currently have a small office but may be interested in moving/expanding.


Fix-It Clinic


Sudo Co-Working