Algorithms, Learning Techniques

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Date(s) - 2015/08/20
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Sudo Room


We will be exploring different learning techniques for Algorithms and Data Structures in the context of coding interviews.

In addition to this we aim to include computer science as part of the human experience, appreciating it not only as a business tool but also complementary to education as a whole: an art in and of itself and needing no commercial justification for existence!

Tonight’s Theme


  • Knowing how to implement a simple recursive permutation algorithm by heart with no errors on whiteboard straight from memory

We’ll use something interesting so you are emotionally engaged:

  • a list of films to show at the Omni /  a list of events that are going on at the Omni / a list of artworks so that you can print out a list of all the possible combinations to members at a meeting

Then we’ll nerd out because we have some serious mathematician and computer science people at SudoRoom. We’ll ask them to work magic and tweak stuff using functional programming, weird stuff. We’ll ask people to do it iteratively. We’ll ask them to conserve space and move pointers around in place.

Learning Techniques

These different dimensions will be used to complement one another.

We’ll be using advanced learning techniques – check out this helpful learning plan from Joseph Reagle:

Be prepared to get intellectually engaged and ever-curious! We’ll bring in many academic computer scientists, mathematicians and non-industry people as permits!