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Date(s) - 2018/12/20
8:00 pm - 11:30 pm

Sudo Room




Delta_Glyph does solarpunk-informed identity design for groups that adopt solidarity economy principles.

The solarpunk science fiction sub-genre renders positive futures that could emerge from the contemporary triple-crisis of climate change, inequality and nation-state dysfunction.

The solidarity economy is a coalition of groups seeking to enact new forms of local ecological stewardship, cooperative ownership, and decentralized technology in order to navigate us out of the above crises.

Delta_Glyph interviews members of these groups, scrapes data from their feeds, then remixes this information into poetic prose that is light-projected alongside a custom-built animated logo.

These literature-heavy logos inform outsiders about the group’s identity and values, while also providing an in-depth description of what it is like to engage with their practices.

Delta_Glyph has created work on behalf of Occupy ProvidenceBuilding #13 Squat in Rhode Island, the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project,Biome ArtsWetland, and Swale.


Solarpunk Module:  Delta_Glyph does active literary research in the solarpunk science fiction sub-genre. Come learn about and discuss these new cultural trends.

Solidarity Economy Module: Delta_Glyph actively engages with many different solidarity economy groups and conducts advanced research in platform cooperatives. Come research with us.

Natural Language Processing Module: Delta_Glyph does analysis, scraping and natural language generation out of geo-located social media. Come learn about these techniques or volunteer expertise in the NLP field. Delta_Glyph is currently experimenting with techniques from computational narratology and also machine learning.

Computational Graphic Design Module: Delta_Glyph does computational design with p5.js and three.js. Come hack on interesting computational design problems and projects.

Light-Projection Module: Delta_Glyph does projection runs every Friday. Come learn about our work or experiment with projection-technology and power systems.

Delta_Glyph: Solarpunk NLP & Graphics