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Date(s) - 2017/03/07
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Don’t come in! Hardware Hacking Tuesdays in cyberspace!

Since we all have to keep from leaving our homes except for safe and essential
activities (including exercise)

Don’t come to sudoroom for Hardware Hacking Tuesdays until further notice!

Get on the Sudoroom-discuss email list:


AND we should try to get together on IRC chat in #sudoroom

You can easily get there through a web portal Jenny installed:


alternately you might be able to join by using this web portal that Adam wrote:


or you can also use the freenode portal:


if you are familiar with the terminal, you can run Irssi which is what I do,
and I use mosh and tmux or screen to keep my session open even when my computer is off

see you in cyberspace!

-jerkey (aka Jake in meatspace)

The giant robot arm would like to let you know that everyone is welcome.

join the sudoroom discuss list if you have any questions!


Hardware Hacking Tuesdays in cyberspace!