You, Online: Identity, Privacy, and the Future

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Date(s) - 2014/05/20
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Sudo Room


The current landscape of online services all seem to have similar forms and purposes. Technologies all seem to be ‘going social’ or collecting ‘big data’, and the companies running them are magically making billions of dollars. In addition, the NSA has been caught red handed stealing and reading all our personal data.

This talk intends to elucidate some of the economic and philosophical underpinnings of current internet technology and asks the question: what does online identity truly mean? What does it mean to myself, to tech companies, to the state, and to the future of our society?

Some of the topics discussed will be:

  • Online surveillance, or why deleting your Facebook isn’t enough
  • Big data analytics: what it is and why its worth so much money
  • Closing the loop: the tech industry’s attempt to track everything
  • Notions of a hyper-connected future: theories and paradoxes
  • Prominent alternatives to the internet, and how they work.

About me: I’m creating a new piece of technology for anonymous collaborative communication. Over the summer, i’ll be giving this talk to hackerspaces all around Europe. This talk at sudo room is in preparation for that trip, so any feedback or contacts would be appreciated.