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<center>{{#setlogo:Meshlogo.png}}[[File:510NetworkDishesSudomesh.jpg|200px|thumb|left|Dishes in Action350px]]</center>
<span style="colorSudo Mesh is a people-powered project. That means that anyone can join the network if they're willing to contribute by [https:#cc0000;">'''<big>Oct 25// reporting bugs], improving [ software], fixing hardware, [https: Launched // setting up a node], [ PeoplesOpenblog/new-node-in-the-berkeley-hills/ installing rooftop nodes], telling your friends about us, [ joining for a workshop], bringing pizza to a hack session, donating [[Mesh/Wishlist|equipment]]/[ money] our public project page!</big>'''<[>12RxU4DpLpdWcmEBn7Tj325CCXBwt5i9Hc Bitcoin], learning with us about how the internet works, or just being patient if something is broken :)
'''Interested in learning more and exploring?''' Check out our [[#Join Us|Join Us]] section. You do not need to be technically skilled to be part of this project. We are a group of volunteers building need people willing to mount gear on rooftops, folks who want to do public outreach, graphic design artists, film-makers, documentarians and so much more! Show up at a community mesh network in Oakland, California. monthly general meeting and get involved!
<span style='color:red;font-weight:bold'>[[Mesh/How_to_help|How to help!]]</span>---
A mesh network is, in essence, free as in freedom alternative internet. Using low-cost routers (often donated or recycled) mounted on rooftops, we're currently building the backbone of the mesh throughout downtown Oakland, from West Oakland to the Fruitvale BART and beyond!<center>{{Mesh nav}}</center>
Mesh networks are awesome because they don't depend on the existing centralized Internet Service Providers to function. Though they can be connected to the Internet as we know it now, a mesh network provides a decentralized mode of communication with our local community. We view mesh networks as a means of connecting to our neighbors, supporting local businesses, and enabling grassroots community collaboration. In the event of disaster or government censorship, an active mesh network is a resilient means of communication and sharing of information.----
__NOTOC__<div style= Meetup Info =*Join the [http"margin: 1em auto 1em auto; text-align:// Mailing List!]*We have weekly hack nights on Thursdays, 7center; background:30#ffffff; font-10pm at [[Getting_there|Sudo Room]]size: 10. The first three Thursdays of the month are work nights 5pt; padding: 10px; width: 96%; border: 0px solid #376a97;margin- so come by and jump incenter:10px;"><! General meetings -- This is where the formatting for discussion and planning are Last Thursdays of every month. We plan to have local focus groups in the near future 3 columns begins -->{| cellspacing="0" width="100%" style="clear: both;"|colspan="3" style=border: 0px solid black; float:left; padding-left:1em; padding- watch this space or join the mailing list for detailsright:0.5em;"|{| cellspacing="5" cellpadding="10" width="100%"|- valign="top" *Find us on IRC|style="font-size:90%; padding:10px 10px; background: #510pen on [httpFDF4F4; border: 0px solid black;padding-left:1em;padding-right://;" width="40%" align="left"|=What does it mean?channels!=510pen Freenode IRC]*We generally take meeting notes at: Imagine if the wifi router in your home connected to the wifi routers in your neighbours' homes and they again connected to their neighbours to form a huge free wireless network spanning the city! That's exactly what a [https://paden.riseupwikipedia.netorg/pwiki/sudomeshMesh_networking mesh network] is, or at least what it can be. Roads and telephone poles are owned by government or private interests and laying down cable is expensive, but by using wireless signals that hop from building to building we can create a community-owned and -operated, free-as-in-freedom alternative to corporate Internet Service Providers. Community wireless mesh networks are growing around the world, creating local 'internets' that support Net Neutrality and community control of critical infrastructure.
= Crowdfunding campaign =We are spending a lot of time developing [ software] to make it cheap and easy for anyone to be participate in cooperative communications infrastructure, regardless of technical skill.
We successfully concluded our bootstrap = Who are you? ='''sudomesh is a group of volunteers operating out of the [https://wwwsudoroom.wepayorg sudo room] hackerspace at the [ crowdfunding campaign on WePayorg Omni Commons] - a collective of collectives stewarding a large community space in Oakland, California. We develop software and assemble hardware systems to buy help build open community networks like the first 100 wifi routers for the mesh! Thanks to all who supported with a donation. See [[Mesh People's Open Network]] for details on how much was raised, who contributeda community-owned and -operated non-profit internet infrastructure in Oakland.''' We are all unpaid volunteers building open technology that helps to connect our neighbors, support local businesses, and what we've procured thus far with enable community collaboration and cultural production. In the funds!event of a natural disaster or state censorship, community mesh networks can be a resilient means of communication and sharing of information.
Here = Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)=* [[Mesh/Decisions|Decisions]] - What decisions have we made, and why?* [[Mesh/Funding|Funding]] - How the heck do we fund this thing?* [[Mesh/Legal|Legal]] - How do we use exit nodes, relays and legal structures to protect node owners and ourselves?* [[Mesh/Hosting|Hosting]] - How are some other ways you can help out:we hosting and what does it cost?* [[Mesh/Backup|Backup]] - How do we handle backups?* [[Mesh/Server security|Server Security]] - How do we ensure server security?
= Logistics =*Support us with a small weekly donation on [https:[Mesh// GittipMinutes|Meeting Minutes]].*Send bitcoins to - Notes from our wallet address: 12RxU4DpLpdWcmEBn7Tj325CCXBwt5i9Hc*Come weekly meetings dating back to our work meetings in Oakland! (listed above)January 2013.*Form a project and[[Mesh/or a neighborhood working group to create new and locallyTaxes|Taxes]] -relevant ways of plugging into Filed taxes for the sudo mesh.non-profit
= Research =* [[Mesh/Other mesh projects|Other mesh projects]] around the world that have inspired us to make our own network! * [[Mesh pages =/Interviews with other meshers|Interviews]] - we interviewed other experienced meshers* [[Mesh/Documentation|Other documentation]] - books, articles, wikis, blog posts.*[[Mesh/ToDosOakland|Oakland]] - Tangible To Dos! Add some oninformation and resources pertaining to Oakland community organizations, wireless initiatives, take some on! policy and research initiatives* [[Mesh/Other muni networking projects|Municipal projects]] - examples of progressive uses of municipal networks.*[[Mesh/WishlistDecentralized FM/AM radio|Decentralized FM/AM radio]] - Bit of research on adding legal FM/AM transmitters to nodes.* [ Tidepools]- [[User:tunabananas|Jenny Ryan]] designed local use cases for a community mobile mapping application built to run on mesh networks.* [ Project Meshnet] - List Extensive wiki on the /r/darknet project, including extensive list of hardware we[ projects coordinating with them].* [ Long Range Wifi] - Info on the longest-range wifi connections ever made.* [ Adafruit'd love to experiment s Web IDE built for Raspberry Pi] but probably good for editing code on any device and ensuring it is managed with!a code repo. By default it uses [] but it could probably be configured for Github.
|style="font-size:90%; padding:10px 10px; background: #F4FDF6; border: 0px solid black;padding-left:1em;padding-right:0.5em;" width=Design"20%"|<center>=Our Projects =*[http[File:// Map] png|center|187px|thumb|Building a community- of potential nodes.*[[Mesh/Website]] owned and - Notes operated wireless mesh network in Oakland, California and documentation for the design of beyond!|link= and]]<br />*[[MeshFile:Disasterradio.png|center|187px|thumb|link=https:/MeshApps]] /|Disaster- Local applications to run on resilient communications network powered by the mesh!*[[Mesh/Swagsun.]] - Research on custom-printed t-shirts and other swag.<br />*[[MeshFile:Byoi.png|center|187px|thumb|link=https:/Stickers/|Instructions for building your own internet, plus a global directory of community wireless mesh networks.]] - Sticker design</center><br />*[[Ascii ArtFile:Laptops4all.png|center|187px|thumb|link=|Upcycling retired/donated laptops to those who can't afford them.]] - for linux logins<br />
|style==Technical Documentation==*[[Mesh/Tracking]] - Problems and solutions related to tracking, logging and anonymity*[[Mesh/WalkThrough]] - Easy how-to for setting up OpenWRT & BATMAN-adv on Ubiquiti routers**[[Mesh/OpenWRT]] - Experiences with the OpenWRT router firmware**[[Mesh/BATMAN-adv]] - Experiences with the batman-adv mesh protocol*[[Mesh/Firmware]] - Everything related to our firmware**[[Mesh/Firmware/Splash page]] - Splash page / Captive Portal**[[Mesh/Firmware/Bandwidth shaping]] - QoS / Bandwidth shaping**[[Mesh/Firmware/Zeroconf]] - Issues related to mDNS and DNS-SD**[[Mesh/Firmware/MTU_issues]] "font- MTU issues**[[Mesh/Firmware/Generating]] size:90%; padding:5px 10px; background:#F4F8FD;border: 0px solid black;padding- How do we generate firmwares on demand*[[Mesh/Network topology]] left:1em;padding- High-level explanation of the mesh network structure*[[Mesh/Specs]] - Specs sheet on different access points*[[Mesh/Frequencies]] - Information on different frequenciesright:0.*[[Mesh/Software tools]] - List of useful mesh troubleshooting tools*[[Mesh/Terms]] - Hidden Node, Fresnal zone, and other jargons*[[Mesh/Power]] - Stuff about power usage, batteries and solar power.*[[Mesh/Monitoring]] - notes about how to monitor systems5em;" width="40%" align="left"|
<center>=How To Participate =Operational==*</center>If you want to join the mesh you'll need a mesh router at your home! Currently the best way to get one is to show up at our monthly general meeting as described above. We need more people on the network to improve the quality of the service. When you setup a node, you improve the service for everybody on the network and give more access to your community. We encourage participants to ask their communities to join their networks and create distributed services for them. We have a [[Mesh/LegalUser_Guide|user guide]] - How do we use exit nodes, relays and legal structures to protect node owners and ourselves?help you get on the network!*Chat with us on [ RocketChat], the #peoplesopen channel in [Mesh Scuttlebutt], or on [ IRC] - How are we hosting and what does it cost: [] (see also [[IRC | IRC Intro]])*Join the [[Mesh]mesh email list] - How do we handle backups?*We have weekly meetings every Tuesday <s>from 7:30-9pm at [[Getting_there|sudo room]]</s> from [Mesh securitysudomesh2020 8-9pm via Jitsi]. We have focus groups and collaborate on different parts of the project - from [ design] - How do we ensure server security?*to [ software development], documentation to hardware hacking, [ community outreach]and [ climbing rooftops to mount nodes] - What do we call ourselves?! *Come to our weekly Tuesday meetings in <s>[[Mesh/MarketingGetting_there|sudo room]] - Inspiration </s> cyberspace. The quarantine format is much more relaxed, and links we welcome newcomers! <s>The first three Tuesdays of the month are hack nights where we work (often in parallel) on everything from pamphlets to maps to code. This is a good opportunity to marketing materials find someone familiar with the ins and outs and ask questions. The last Tuesday of the month is a more structured recap meeting, where we follow an agenda, get updates on what progress was made in progressthe last month, and plan for the next month.</s>*We generally collaborate on [ notes] at each meeting. Look at our archive of past [[Mesh/PurchasesMinutes|meeting minutes]] - Details on our purchases, made !* Contribute to the network by either individuals or through installing a mesh node at your location using our crowdfunded moneyhandy [https://sudoroom.*[[org/wiki/Mesh/InventoryWalkThrough Mesh Node Setup Walkthrough]] - What we currently have. This is especially helpful for those who are within range of an existing node (seen as a wireless SSID named "").*Check out our [[Mesh/DonationsToDos|ToDo list]] - List of donations*Support us with a small monthly donation on [ Patreon], here's [[Mesh/DecisionsPurchases|how we spend it]] - Decisions on how .*Send bitcoins to operateour wallet address: {{bitcoin wallet}}*Check out our [[Mesh/ChallengesWishlist|wishlist]] , we have requests! *Improve our documentation*Talk to your community about joining the mesh - Challenges faced. Problems to be solvedhere are some [ resources] for doing so!*Follow us on [ twitter] and like us on [Mesh facebook]] - Who took what gear home.
==Background ResearchDevelopers ==*[[Mesh/Interviews with other meshers]] - In which we attempt to extract the results of their hard-won experience.*[[Mesh/Other mesh projects]] - List of active and inactive meshes we know about*[[Mesh/Documentation]] - Books, articles, wikis, blog posts.*[[Mesh/Oakland]] - Information and resources pertaining to Oakland community organizations, wireless initiatives, policy and research initiatives
= Firmwares We need hardware and software engineers to help us with our code. We have an overview of [[Mesh/ groups =Technical_Overview|technical documentation]] that will be helpful in understanding the network.
*If you want to immediately help, check out [ our code], [Mesh]milestones look at our remaining issues for upcoming milestones]*, report any [[Mesh]bugs bugs]or help us squish them!
=Technical===Building a backbone of point-to-point line of sight rooftop wifi mesh nodes to bootstrap the reach Here are some of the network==*The mesh right now has very few nodes projects that are directly connected (as opposed to connected over the Internet), which makes the usefulness of the mesh questionable in disaster and extreme censorship scenarios.*We've been focusing on finding a simple and inexpensive solution for point to point rooftop nodes in order to create a far reaching backbone of high-bandwidth interconnected nodes. Currently we're testing a solution using recycled small satellite dishes with cheap usb wifi adapters mounted and weatherproofed at the dish's point of focus. Inexpensive computers such as a raspberry pi can then, when hooked up to one or more of these nodes, connect rooftops more than a mile apart. Finding people willing to host rooftop equipment and others willing to donate unused satellite dishes has become another way we engage with the local community. ==Mesh coverage of local areas from connected nodes using powerful omnidirectional wifi equipment==*510pen currently uses a variety of mesh routers from Some of them have good coverage, but they are all currently mounted indoors, which inhibits street coverage and mesh links between blocks.*Better outdoor omnidirectional routers need to be purchased, tested and installed. ==Low bandwidth disaster recovery mesh==*The likeliest disaster scenario in the bay area is a major earthquake. Such an event is likely to disrupt many wifi nodes, and especially finely tuned point to point links.*We're building a separate mesh using low-bandwidth, long range radio communication that will run something like a decentralized twitter, where short text messages can be shared and synchronized as radio links are available.*To implement this, we're using $12 off the shelf tv tuners that can be used as receive-only general-purpose digital radios. Transmission is stil being worked out, but the current idea is that receive-hardware is cheap enough that 2 gig bootable usb sticks, tv tuners and very simple home-made antennas can be distributed both before and after a disaster, and that these will allow people to set up local stations where updates about local resources such as shelters, food and power can be accessed, while stations capable of transmitting new messages will be fewer (possibly requiring more expensive hardware) but will announce their locations such that anyone can walk to a local transmit station if they want to send a message out on the mesh.attention:
=Social=* [ sudowrt-firmware] - The sudowrt firmware* [ sudowrt-web-ui] - The new and improved web admin UI for sudowrt nodes* [ ubus-https-forwarder] - Allow management of extender nodes from home node web UI* [ The Service Browser] - Web UI for browsing mesh services* [[Mesh/Distributed Services|Mesh Services]] - Which services should we provide?
==Community-Based Participatory Action Research in the San Antonio district of OaklandDesigners ==*We are currently researching existing community organizations in the San Antonio neighborhood for potential collaboration, and have established relationships with (and set up mesh nodes for) three grassroots organizations in the San Antonio neighborhood: Liberating Ourselves Locally (LOL), a makerspace run by and for people of color; Sustaining Ourselves Locally (SOL), a community garden and food justice advocacy and education space; and Cycles of Change, a community bike repair, advocacy and education space. Moving forward, we intend to expand the mesh through reaching out to grassroots organizations and local businesses, our process of designing and deploying mesh services guided by the needs and desires of existing community actors.
We need artists and designers to make things look nice! We have [[Mesh/Design|design schemes]] we already use, but we're always looking to improve it. We need to improve our presentation content and [[Mesh/Diagrams|diagrams]] too! We've been focused on these areas:*The ethnographic research component of the project also involves interviewing local residents[[Mesh/Presentations]] - Past presentations, talks, designing and distributing community surveysworkshops, historical tutorials and political analysis, videos* [[Mesh/Diagrams|Diagrams]] - Diagrams outlining the network topology and asset mapping of existing technical stack* [[Mesh/Design|Design]] - Website & logo design; swag for enthusiasts; and potential community resourcesmarketing inspiration.|}
==Documentation of use cases and user stories==*Articulating use cases for mesh networks involves the creation of user stories based on interviews with local residents and participatory engagement with existing community organizations and groups. The research process will be transparently documented on a research wiki, incorporating interview notes, meeting minutes, an annotated bibliography, written analysis and visual infographics (for an example, see Jenny's current research wiki here:
*This documentation is intended ''Please note that all contributions to support a model of open source technology design Sudo Room may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors. If you do not want your writing to be edited mercilessly, then do not submit it here. You are also promising us that is bottom-up in natureyou wrote this yourself, rooted in the interests of those who would receive the greatest humanitarian benefit or copied it from the technology and participate intimately with the development processa public domain or similar free resource (see Sudo Room:Copyrights for details).Do not submit copyrighted work without permission!''
==Illustrated instructables for adapting recycled/reused items for DIY hardware==*A major focus of the project is to experiment with recycled and donated hardware for the purposes of designing mesh solutions at minimal cost. Experimentation with various firmwares (eg; Commotion, Freifunk, Byzantium) and protocols (eg; OLSRd, batman-adv, Babel) using off-the-shelf and upcycled hardware (eg; donated routers and satellite dishes) will be extensively documented. Well-designed instructables/comics will incorporate use cases, user stories, and DIY building processes in an effort to engage everyday folks to experiment with mesh technology in their local neighborhoods. =Meeting Minutes=*[ 2013-01-31]*[[Mesh/7_February_2013|2013-02-07]]*[[Mesh/14_February_2013|2013-02-14]]*[[Mesh/21_February_2013|2013-02-21]]*[[Mesh/28_February_2013|2013-02-28]]*[[Mesh/07_March_2013|2013-03-07]]*[[Mesh/21_March_2013|2013-03-21]]SPRING SHIFT HIATUS*[[Mesh/11_April_2013|2013-04-11]]*[[Mesh/18_April_2013|2013-04-18]]*Hack nights! See wiki for documentation - principally going through donated routers, flashing them with OpenWRT and installing batman-adv.*[[Mesh/09_May_2013|2013-05-09]]*[[Mesh/23_May_2013|2013-05-23]]*Hack nights! Trying out some of the nicer Ubiquiti equipment we procured*[[Mesh/13_June_2013|2013-06-13]]*[[Mesh/20_June_2013|2013-06-20]]*[[Mesh/27_June_2013|2013-06-27]]*[[Mesh/04_July_2013|2013-07-04]]*[[Mesh/11_July_2013|2013-07-11]]*Hack nightCategory: Flashing, firmware (July 18, 2013)*[[Mesh/25_July_2013|2013-07-25Projects]]*[[Mesh/31_July_2013|2013-07-31]]*Hack nightsCategory: August 7, 14, 21*[[Mesh/28_August_2013|2013-08-28]]*[[Mesh/4_September_2013|2013-09-04]]*[[Mesh/11_September_2013|2013-09-11]]*[[Mesh/18_September_2013|2013-09-18]] =Web Resources=*[ 510pen] - East Bay community wireless mesh network spawned in 2009 by [[User:mfb|Mark Burdett]]*[ Tidepools] - [[User:tunabananas|Jenny Ryan]] designed local use cases for a community mobile mapping application built to run on mesh networks.*[ Project Meshnet] - Extensive wiki on the /r/darknet project, including extensive list of [ projects coordinating with them].*[ Long Range Wifi] - Info on the longest-range wifi connections ever made.*[ Adafruit's Web IDE built for Raspberry Pi] but probably good for editing code on any device and ensuring it is managed with a code repo. By default it uses [] but it could probably be configured for Github.


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