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Date(s) - 2013/12/08
12:00 am - 5:00 pm


Short documentary screening: “The Battle for Oscar Grant Plaza” by Jacob Crawford and co-produced by Dave Id, The documentary shows how the City of Oakland and its Police tried to shut down the budding “Occupy Wall Street” movement, turning downtown Oakland into a teargas filled war zone and injuring numerous people. Police video obtained in discovery in the National Lawyers Guild’s successful lawsuit and interviews with activists and journalists about their experiences, tell the real story of the disastrous Fall 2011 police actions that pushed the troubled OPD to the brink of federal receivership.

Documentary (in it’s current state) is 25 minutes and will start around 3:15. Expect light refreshments and intellectual discourse! We’re interested in sparking conversation around police accountability in the Oakland area and beyond. If you have any interest in direct involvement with OPD accountability (especially if you are a coder!), you won’t want to miss this!

The producers and some plaintiffs (including Scott Olsen) will be present to answer any questions.

Jacob Crawford is a long time Copwatcher based out of the Bay Area in California. He joined Berkeley Copwatch in 2000 and produced the first ever “in the streets” non-dramatized know your rights video “These Streets Are Watching”. He currently is running with other Copwatchers and has been a contributor for for several years.

Paige Peterson

“The Battle for Oscar Grant Plaza” screening and discussion on Police accountability