Math invades our Algorithms Late Night Thursday Session

Last Thursday the mathematicians hijacked our Algorithms Late Night Thursdays series. Instead of math being conveniently enslaved by computer science to do computer science stuff, the mathematicians ganged up on us and turned things the other way around.


Computer science always annoys the math bear


Some observations, staying civil but…cats always annoy bears.

  • Mathematicians often use computer science to build tools to check their work: notation and proof checking.
  • Computer scientists use math to help find clarity in their algorithms and see what’s going on to be able to build more complex data structures, make good reusable functional code, and make their code more powerful
  • Computer scientists can be so damn imprecise! And they don’t have to prove things to the extend that we do.


people here are big big fans of Radix sort


we love the radix sort
Math invades our Algorithms Late Night Thursday Session