we have a chill women’s coding night at sudoroom Monday evenings. Sometimes it’s fun to code and do projects together, sometimes it’s cool to just socialize about what we’re learning. It’s spring now at Oakland’s lake Merritt so I just chilled and relaxed at the park all weekend and did some noob beginner basic overviews of machine learning from oliver thiebaud.

I’ve used various frameworks over the years for work projects and stuff, nothing too complicated, but I like to just step back and take a thousand miles view overhead and review basic concepts. It’s a lot different getting an overview compared to being the lego worker bee putting the lego sets together.

We’re thinking of having a “today I learned” at women’s doing night and the Thursday “everything everywhere all at once!” evenings – I’m not sure how everyone else wants to do it but I think it’d be fun to do a live action muppet cartoon nerd presentation! all this AI stuff is so trendy and stuff, it’s nice to just stop, take a break and look at the history of the thing and pin down all these terms and stuff. And nerd out and learn together!

So definitely check out Monday evening women’s coding night at SudoRoom. I’ll try to bug other people to see what notes they have. What’s cool is that we’re not only doing programming, but there are artists here too and maybe this computer history/ study guide can bridge into a live action cartoon!

social studying at women’s coding night