Please join Sudo Room, a hacker/creativespace in downtown Oakland, for a series of public events at our new space the weekend of Dec. 7th-9th! This month we are celebrating our move into a full space at 2141 Broadway with the first annual “State of the Room.” Come see our space, meet the “sudoers,” learn what Sudo Room is all about, hear what projects people are working on, and be a part of developing the future direction of Sudo Room.

Weekend Schedule:


Housewarming & Fundraiser

To celebrate our November move into an official Sudo Room space, we invite you to join us for a “housewarming” and fundraiser during December’s First Friday Art Murmur. We’ll have members’ projects on display (plus members to answer questions about them!), video experiences, hands-on demos, and more!

Projects on display will include:

  • 3D Printing
  • Cheese-making
  • Soldering/Circuit Hacking
  • The (future) Sudo Radio

“State of the Room” Unconference

Join us for the first annual “State of the Room” all-day unconference where we will have informal sessions and an open house to discuss the past, present, and future of Sudo Room.

Starting at 9:00AM we will provide breakfast followed by the first annual “State of the Room” address introducing Sudo Room’s history, mission, and future. We will then do short ice breakers where we share projects we’re interested in (it’s okay if you don’t have a project!) and give everyone an opportunity to suggest sessions or sign up to facilitate a session. After lunch (lunch provided!), we will dive into concurrent sessions on topics such as:

  • “How to be a sudoer”: Orientation for new and interested members
  • Inclusiveness, diversity, and access
  • Resources available at Sudo Room
  • Education and outreach
  • Creating community with other Bay Area hacker- and creative-spaces
  • Creative funding
  • …and sessions on individual member projects including 3D printing, soil remediation, Oakland Wiki, alternative currencies, open source tractors, online identity, and more!

Come in the morning or drop in any time during the day to see the space or attend a single session. The doors will be open all day long!

Move-In Day and Neglected Technology / Book Drive

Conclude the House-Warming and first annual “State of the Room” Unconference weekend with this official Sudo Room “move-in day”  and neglected technology/book drive. Do you have materials, resources, or tools that you would like to donate to an up-and-coming hacker/creative space? Bring them down all day Sunday! There will be plenty to do, and room for everyone to participate.

Register here:

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Sudo Room “State of the Room” Dec. 7-9th: Weekend of Open House Activities

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