Please join us at 2PM this Saturday (4/6) for the “Today I Learned” workshop “Audio Recording 101

In this workshop, we’ll go over the tools, terminology and applications you’ll need to get crackin’ on a variety of audio endeavors.

Topics covered will include:

  • Audio rudiments and terminology
  • Analog v. digital
  • Types of recordings (documentary, instrumental, electronic, MIDI)
  • What you need to get yourself started on a project

Location: Sudo Room: 2141 Broadway, entrance on 22nd St., take the elevator upstairs
Date & Time: Saturday 4/6 at 2PM
Supplies: Yourself (optional: recording equipment if you have it?)
Cost: Free

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This workshop is part of the series “Today I Learned,” a series of free workshops that take place every Saturday at 2PM at Sudo Room, a creative community and hackerspace in downtown Oakland. Check out the full schedule at and please forward widely.

This Sat 4/6 “Today I Learned”: Audio Recording 101