Financial Status: 2015-12-09 : We have $2,172.39 in the bank and we’re pulling in ~$1900/month from stripe and gratipay. Our minimum expenses are ~$2400 per month, but with more we could invest in tools and improvements! Donate now!

Sudo Room is an open membership hackerspace. We are a collaborative and creative community of technologists, activists, artists, and all combinations inbetween and beyond. Most importantly, we are all human beings interested in and working toward positive social change. We strive toward horizontal leadership, meaning all members are equally empowered leaders in the community. Sudoers present and future have a great diversity of interests, so we emphasize inclusivity and solidarity amongst ourselves and with others. Our goal is to share ideas and projects in the following areas: the creative use of technology citizen science digital citizenship and literacy environmental sustainability community engagement self-government