Many SudoRoom members joined the Aaron Swartz Memorial Hackathon this November 2013 in San Francisco, hosted by the Internet Archives and fellow hackerspace Noisebridge by the do-ocratic Yan.

For more information: https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Worldwide_Aaron_Swartz_Memorial_Hackathon_Series#San_Francisco

Aaron’s suicide and persecution is a depressing event but through the memorial hackathon hackerspaces around the world hope to make the world a better space… and to highlight the good that Aaron did for the world!

The opening evening at the Internet Archives  in San Francisco was especially touching… we’re going to post some of the SudoRoom members’ contributions to the hackathon in the upcoming days…

Please keep building and doing for positive change!

Aaron Swarz
Aaron Swarz worked for the Internet Archives and as an employee did many great things there. One of the ways the non-profit repays its members is by having a sculpture made of each one
Aaron Swarz Hackathon