Book hacking project

A peaceful Sunday at the Omnicommons! I took a stroll through the neighborhood (Temescal is lovely on Sundays), then stepped into the SudoRoom and chilled to a bright, beautiful hackerspace while overhearing some cool biohacking work from the Counter culture labs next door.

A few weeks back another SudoRoom member J showed some digital promotion books that were made for a conference. We have dozens of these, and they’re ripe for repurposing into a beautiful book aligned with explorations in light projection. I love the book arts and as someone trying to get away from digital products (I code for fun and play) it was nice to push into something tangible again.

Getting Physical

In modern times it’s so hard to get back to the physical, which is why it’s harder for me to hack all night long at a computer on weekends. It’s hard to even sit still and watch tv shows when there’s an entire world out there in California, the ocean and nature and culture available a quick walk away,. The hackerspace location is really cool because there’s a bike-protected community area with lots of cafes, so you never feel like you’re chained to a desk in an office park.

Small moments of cross creativity are things that only happen at spaces like SudoRoom. We don’t show up here only for meetings, we aren’t directed with analytics dashboards, but the creativity is something that provides some kind of “value” in a crazy, digital world where all actions are quantified and gentrification is slowly turning cities into becoming more and more like the suburbs every day.

If you can, please donate to save the Omnicommons! We are in danger of losing the building. We need places like this in Oakland, we are like the algae and flora that keeps the entire system thriving.

Digital Book hacking