Linux InstallFest Fridays!!!1

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Date(s) - 2015/11/27
6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Sudo Room





  1. Welcome new users to GNU/Linux, and other unix-like operating systems, as well as encourage self-directed and peer-learning!
  2. Create an environment to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of our collective labor installingusing, supporting, developing, and fixing operating systems based on Linux, and other similar unix-like operating systems, especially those that are Free Software / Open Source!
  3. Support use and improvement of Linux for computers in the Omni Commons building, as well as the wider community (wherever they may be–work, home, public spaces, etc)!
  4. Experiment with using programs that run on the Linux system to help solve problems in our daily lives, especially by re-purposing tools beyond their original, intended use!

Project ideas:

  • Internet radio with Icecast and Darkice!
  • Server / network / systems administration funnnn!
    • Net install (linux)
    • Configurations
    • Provisioning
    • Shell servers
    • Network maintenance
  • Mesh networking (see
  • Lightweight systems (damn small linux, lubuntu, arch, etc)
    • Raspberrypi, arduino, beaglebone, ti, etc.
    • Cyanogenmod, other android distributions!
  • Privacy / Security
    • Tails, the amnesic operating system!
    • TOR project


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