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Date(s) - 2013/10/17
9:00 am - 11:30 am


Morning Study Group in Mathematics.

All levels are welcome. Focus is on improving insight and intuition about problem solving using Mathematics.

Social Norms:

* Agreements on reading materials/problems are between those you agreed to read with – not the entire group
* You can come to as many or as few sessions as you please – there will always be something to do.
* Discussion groups form and disperse based on the creative process.
* It is better to ask questions than to give others the solution when they are solving a problem. Empathize to give the right hint
* It is better to try problems than to merely discuss, pencil must move over paper (or code across screen) – experience is more valuable than lectures.
* Pictures are essential tools
* Assisted/Group work is valuable for discovering the process, but the intuitive jump or connection is up to the student
* Problems can be generalized, specialized or analogous problems chosen to keep everyone in the loop – to give and get insight as student and teacher.
* The learning zone is right beyond your current abilities, but not so hard you have nothing to grasp onto.
* Talent is overrated

Thomas Fitzpatrick
510 207 4992

Morning Math Jam