Using AI to Code Tools – Women & NonBinary Coding Night
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Date(s) - 2023/07/31
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Sudo Room


For this session we’ll have a short presentation and demo of using AI to do live coding.

  • Is coding with an AI agent “cheating” and will it make you a weaker programmer or
  • Is it like pair programming with a cool senior or dumb junior dev that makes you a better engineer?
  • What are the pitfalls? How would people catch bugs? Is the AI version the proper solution when there are so many different ways to tackle the problem?
  • How much will this be used in everyday life in the future?

It’d also be cool to see people who never code use some of these tools to make code.

Impact on women and nonbinary folks

Before the advent of digital processes in graphic design in the 1970s design was very much a “man’s” world and very macho. (See the film Making Graphics) Automation and digital processes enabled many women enter the field, creating a ton of pink collar design and graphics jobs. Often women were selected because they were cheaper, and it created a huge cultural shift, though men retained the prize higher level jobs.

With the advent of AI agents will more women enter the space in pink collar jobs or will they be able to be a greater part of the product design process?

If all goes well maybe we can make a quickie group project and put it up on our sudoroom GitHub!



The Sudo Room, a ​​creative community and hackerspace at Omni Commons, invites all Women/NB people for “Coding Owls – A WNB Coding Night”: bring your computer and a coding project and have fun! We can help each other if you have coding related questions/bugs or just keep company while hacking! If you are a beginner, we can help you get started (even if you’ve never coded before!). And if you’re an intermediate programmer looking for a challenge, we can help you find problems to work on. No computer? No problem: we can provide one for the night. Coders of all abilities are welcome! All coding languages are welcome! Bringing a WNB friend is highly recommended. Coding is more fun with friends! Join in person if you’re in Oakland or online anywhere else in the world!

The idea is also to be a safe space for WNB in the tech world, besides promoting empowerment, also to provide emotional support for those facing challenges in a work environment, tech job search or anything else related.

Your host: Juliana A. (pronouns she/her) is originally from Brazil, has been living in the US for 10 years, and has been working as a software engineer since 2020, after finishing a software engineering bootcamp for women/nb people only. She has worked with Ruby on Rails, Python, SQL, JavaScript, React, Typescript. 

Coding Owls – A WNB Coding Night
Every Monday from 7pm to 9pm Pacific Time
Sudo Room at Omni Commons
4799 Shattuck Avenue – Oakland

Omni Commons and Sudoroom policy is presently that EVERYONE MUST WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES INSIDE THE BUILDING.

If you get to the door (at the corner of 48th and shattuck) and you can’t get in, call 510-844-0014 or 510-740-5758.


Using AI to Code Tools – Women & NonBinary Coding Night