There’s an electric feeling in the air. Tomorrow is a huge day for Sudoroom!

We’ll be tabling all day at the Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair, showing off our 3D printer, Oakland Wiki, mesh network, and more! We’ll be sharing a table with The Bay Area Public School. The book fair is 10AM-6PM.

Elsewhere from 2-5PM, Oakland Wiki will be holding an edit party at the Main Library!

You may have heard that we’re trying to move into a huge building with other groups – it’s true! The East Bay Express just wrote an article about it. We’re looking at The Omni on 48th & Shattuck in the Temescal neighborhood.

Tomorrow evening we’re holding our first open house event at the Omni! Between 6pm and 7pm we’ll be giving tours of the building. This will also be a time for group members to meet each other. Please come by, check out the space, and get involved in building Sudoroom’s future!

Starting 7PM at the Omni, BAPS will be hosting some exciting speakers: Sylvia Federici, George Caffentzis and Peter Linebaugh. More info here.

I have a feeling March 22, 2014 will go down in the Sudo history books.

Huge day tomorrow