Hacking Inclusivity

Sudoroom is proud to join Open Inclusivity, a new project to “promote inclusive practices in hacking, open knowledge and the organizations that intersect with those movements” by curating a database of codes of conduct and safer space policies. Our well-tested

T.W.A.C. Benefit Show

This Friday we’re hosting a benefit show for the Trans & Womyn’s Action Camp featuring incredible patriarchy-smashing spoken word & music by: Julia Serano NO BONE ST LORENA this or that FEEDUS FETUS FACEPLANT Karla Gomez D.J HARAM Stop by

Drawing Oakland

Sudoroom loves participating in Art Murmur/First Friday. This month, we threw a “Draw Oakland” party with Oakland Wiki. There was food and music, but also paper and markers. Here’s some beautiful illustrations that people made: All the art was licensed

The Sudoroom of Tomorrow

Sudoroom is bursting at its seams! When we moved in 2012 from a tiny closet to our current space, it seemed gigantic and infinite: Yet now we recognize that it’s not enough. Sudoers are rubbing shoulders, and many more are