I dearly implore you to slightly compromise your anonymity by signing up for gittip and donating a few $/week to sudoroom.

The hardest part is overcoming that psychological barrier by entering your credit/debit card # – after that it will be easy, and you will be making a real difference for all the hard-working folks who volunteer here everyday.

Even if you haven’t been to sudo lately for whatever reason, I can’t emphasize enough how much it means to us on the ground.

Every dollar you give translates DIRECTLY into the love-powered energy that helps us keep the space clean, open, safe, accessible and hopping with life.

None of us are paid for this, few of us are wealthy, many of us are struggling.


Here’s what our expenses cost approximately per week:

  • $9 for the server that powers this very mailing list, our homepage, blog, wiki, and dev environments for many other projects!
  • $15 for services such as trash pickup that keeps our hackers from being devoured by mutant flies and keeps our landlord’s head from combusting spontaneously on every visit!
  • $25 goes to our sweet, privacy-conscious, locally owned ISP to bring internets to our public terminals, raspis, radio stream, and about a billion laptops and phones every week!
  • $70-90 for our utilities, including power for our lights, computers, devices, ac/heat, fridge where we cool our mate, 3D & 2D printers, power tools, dishwasher, crock pot, coffee pot!
  • $345 to rent our current space, with some prospective spaces approaching $500+/week. This space has so much value as an open community space which enables so many people and groups to accomplish awesome things!
  • $infinite for the inspiration to learn and create beautiful things, which we have MORE TIME FOR when we are not struggling over the basics!!! That’s where we are right now too often, and we ALL would like more time for the fun stuff. That will be a lot easier if you all give to sudoroom.
  • So PLEASE CHIP IN now <3<3<3

Right now we make $96.67. If we make over $138.75 we get bumped to the front page as a top receiver. If we make $500 we will finally have our basics covered and be free to dream even bigger.

Thanks so much!

P.S. Really though, they are pretty good about protecting your identity: “Gittip makes reasonable efforts not to share your personal information with the recipients of your gifts, so that particular gifts are anonymous. We do publicly share aggregated information about your giving and receiving. You may opt out of publicly sharing your aggregate giving.”

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