First Snake Party

We celebrated our first installment of the SudoRoom Snake Party, running the event right after the First Friday Oakland Art Murmur ended at nine o’clock.

The whole event was extremely collaborative, with creative spaces set up around the main room of SudoRoom. People donated art supplies, brought sewing machines so it felt like we were in creation Disneyland.

Big areas full of people painting on vinyl records, drum sets set up for jazz musician encounters, Elle Seven’s Ride World Wide played continuously, people drew wacky comics on large rolls of paper, free food donated, much drinking of SudoMate, and there were many cool conversations and connections all at once. The only thing missing was soldering stations–maybe we’ll throw that in again next time!

We plan to continue the Snake parties at the end of every Oakland Art Murmur.

See you at the next one in February 7, 2014 and contact us if you are interested in performing.

 Elle Seven was visiting from Mississippi where she works at a historically black university. She’s bringing hackerspaces and art walks back so that people at Alcorn can create their own creative events in their unique Southern way! We asked around the SudoRoom hackerspace for advice on creating makerspaces in Mississippi and four or five people replied with offers to help within an hour. Very rad!

A truck with free food
A truck full of free healthy fruits and vegetables at the Oakland Art Murmur
Beauty of the blank page
Beauty of the blank page…
drummer boy
Drummer boy!
Elle Seven Busy at Work
Elle Seven Busy at drawing
Stochaistic Painting
Stochaistic Painting Station
Stochaistic Painting
Stochaistic Painting
Kevin shows off his Elle Seven Drawing
Kevin is an old-time skater who recalls the great battles between rollerskaters & skateboarders in Santa Cruz during the 1980s. here, inspired by Elle Seven he drew a rollerskate
Liberty & Deekoo at the Sewing Station
Liberty & Deekoo at the Sewing Station
Sewing Supplies
Sewing Supplies for Men and Women Alike
Skate Lineage
Skate lineage from skater Kevin Hunter – here’s a photograph from 1982 of one of his buddies in San Jose.
Height of Creativity
Painting Records
Painting Records
Random Musicians
Random Musicians
Creations at the end of the night



During the entire time we played Elle Seven’s Ride Senegal skate video. She went to Africa to help show the world how cool the Senegalese skate scene is and help build a skatepark.


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