Let’s learn Rust in a Human Way! :)

Learn Rust at the next women and non binary hack night

This week let’s learn Rust at the women and non binary hack night!



For part of this meetup we’ll have an experimental format:

  • Group meetup with no laptops, just people facing each other
  • a physical whiteboard
  • a tablet if necessary to check information online
  • paper handouts
  • No online component, hybrid meetup, it’s only face to face
  • after discussing computer science topics, etc. then we can code! but no chat, no browsers, just doing the Rust Book

A workshop following “A gentle introduction to Rust”
geared for advanced beginners

  • We’re also looking for people to lead beginner’s workshops on learning to code, etc. with a focus on coding for fun (non commercial, not getting a job). Are you interested? Talk to us!