Today we installed a fancy color laser printer at sudo room. It’s a Xerox Phaser 7400 N. It makes beautiful full color prints of up to 12 by 18 inches and is easy to use from e.g. Ubuntu since it’s autodetected over the network. We turned the tiny room behind the elevator into a printing room.


We got the printer for free via Craigslist. As you can see, we immediately got to work printing important internet cat pictures.

We were also recently donated a fancy Digital Duplicator (like a copy-machine, but different), that will soon be operational. The printer will provide beautiful full color prints, while the duplicator will provide super low cost monochrome fliers or smaller posters. As if all of that 2D printing capability wasn’t enough, our Type A Machines 3D printer has been fixed and is now fully operational. Someone also donated a button press so as soon as we stock up on button materials we can start making custom sudo buttons!

Excellence points for the following people: Rhodey, for helping lug the 185 pound printer to Noisebridge on a tiny hand cart. rayc from Noisebridge for helping move it into the truck. juul for driving it from Noisebridge to sudo room. Lilia for loan of truck. chrisbee for helping lug it into sudo room, wrought for helping set up the new print room, froggytoad for fixing the 3D printer and (unfortunately I forgot the name of this most excellent individual) who donated the digital duplicator and (unknown person) who donated the button press! If someone can fill in the missing names, please edit this post!

I will also vaguely hint that sudo room is pursuing some exciting new possibilities with regards to expansion and collaboration with other groups. More info and less mystique to come in future posts.

Happy Hacking!

Printing capabilities upgraded! (2D and 3D)
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