Segway to a New Economy.

Sudoers, self-confident and community-focused, have long been presenting personal research to the public. This June 27th 2014 sudoer “Segue” took on a less technology driven, but nonetheless hackerie subject – the History and Future of Money.


Segue introduced by saying she had given this talk once before at Burning Man in 2012, and is constantly refining this introduction titled “Solutions to the Economic Crisis.”

It comes from her personal experience with bankruptcy, and is targeted towards those who have no theoretic understanding about the function and purposed of money. She presented a 30 minute video followed by an hour’s slideshow, to the lounging but talkative audience. Chronicling the recent past of Fractional Reserve Banking,¬† Segue later moved into the most revealing topic – the creation of the Fed.

I was surprised to learn that “the Fed is a private bank, masquerading as a public one.” Another revelation for the uninitiated is that the U.S. national debt is actually¬† a source of profit for this private company.

As for the solutions?

Well she teased-mentioned she would only give those out, after many hours of discussion, because she only wants to discuss in a non-reactionary manner her thoughts on possible money-use-alternatives.

All in all, the presentation was earnest and a refreshing way to ingest the otherwise dry brain-haze that economics can often be. With upbeat gusto, and simple language Segue took the sting and pretense out of fiscal education.

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Segway to a New Economy.

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