SudoRoom isn’t just about technology – it’s also about art!

On Christmas Eve the wild creative animals of SudoRoom left their marks. As a nature photographer i was able to catch remnants of their outbursts.

I heard there’s a stencil party in January 2014.

Bring your own dresses, t-shirts, helmets, over the shoulder boulder holders, bicycles, goggles of boxes, and more… and let the wacky SudoRoom animals “spray” their creations wherever!

Stay tuned to this blog for more news.

No DAC in Oakland
No DAC in Oakland t-shirt stencil

SudoRoom Stencil
We’re going to have a t-shirt party in january… come and stencil it!

SudoRoom Stencil
SudoRoom Stencil – this could well be on your t-shirt!


Stencil Art in SudoRoom

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