SudoMate: Open Sourced Energy Goodness
SudoMate! Taking food into our own open-sourced hands…

One of the projects brewing at SudoRoom is a homemade, open-sourced SudoMate pleasure and energy drink.  See… we don’t just work on “computer” projects and “app thingies”… there’s actually this whole world out there involving things like food innovation.

In modern times, do you know what is in the food you eat? Can you even recognize the ingredients on the label, much less have any idea about where your food came from or how it was bad? Ever had the urge to tweak your favorite breakfast ceral or energy drink to get it just right, but weren’t quite sure how?

imagine applying open-source principles to food processes like making beverages... that’s just what people did at SudoRoom with SudoMate!

Look, here’s one of the iterations of the recipe that we are all sharing with each other:

SudoMate Recipe–or at least one of it iterations, anyway!



It’s like having a recipe on github. People can copy it, make it their own.

Even better, folks at SudoRoom are constantly changing the recipe collaboratively, brewing, and you always have a completely natural, interesting beverage available whenever you visit.

When you Donate to SudoRoom, you’re enabling people to reclaim the power of food. Most folks nowadays have no idea what they’re eating or drinking… we get to not only experiment but also educate each other on what goes into what we eat and how…

SudoMate… refreshing for your mind as well as your body!  Join in the movement. 🙂

In the middle of a process..


 What can you do? Knowledge is power!

  • Join SudoRoom and checkout out the SudoMate page – maybe you can make some cool variations
  • Read interesting thinkers interested in putting food back in the hands of the people:
  • Donations to SudoRoom are always welcome! Maybe we can send newsletters with updates of our current batches and experiments with SudoMate!
SudoMate: Open Sourced Energy Goodness
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