Please join us at Sudo Room (2141 Broadway entrance on 22nd St., take the elevator upstairs) tomorrow Saturday 7/13 at 2PM for Today I Learned: What is Linux?

You want to know. You are dying to know. What is Linux? Why would I want Linux? How does it work? How does Linux development happen? How do I do ____ in Linux?

If you have a question, we will figure out how to answer it! Bring your computer if you have a specific problem, or just bring yourself. No question is too basic.

And for fun and inspiration, check out this timeline of Linux development from 1992-2012.

This workshop is part of the series “Today I Learned,” a series of free workshops that take place every Saturday at 2PM at Sudo Room, a creative community and hackerspace in downtown Oakland. Check out the full schedule at and please forward widely.

This Sat. 7/13 Today I Learned: What is Linux?