This Saturday at 2PM please join us at Sudo Room for the free workshop “Today I Learned”: Federated Syndicates, Auction Markets. Want to know what that means? Come to 2141 Broadway (entrance on 22nd, take the elevator upstairs) at 2PM!

We have a lot of really exciting TIL’s coming up. Here’s the rundown for the next six weeks:

August 17: Popcorn Party: Learn how to make lots of fun flavors of popcorn! Movie night after???

August 24: Fixit Clinic: Come learn how to fix your broken whatever!

August 31: Git Part 2: Hacking Sudoroom’s Articles: Learn git by collaboratively working on our Articles of Association

September 7: The Hacker Distro: Learn about Arch Linux and why it’s the software hacker’s DIY distro of choice!

September 14: Understanding DNA and Evolution — From the sticky inside of your mouth to public internet databases

September 21: SQL Injection & Prevention: SQL Injection or “SQLi” is a one of the most dangerous, popular and fun web appl exploits found today on the modern web. This workshop will cover the basics of SQL and then dive into some SQLi exploitation and mitigation techniques.

Please forward far and wide and we look forward to seeing you soon!

This workshop is part of the series “Today I Learned,” a series of free workshops that take place every Saturday at 2PM at Sudo Room, a creative community and hackerspace in downtown Oakland. Check out the full schedule at and please forward widely.

This Sat 8/10: Today I Learned: “Federated Syndicates, Auction Markets” + List of Upcoming TIL’s!