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Date(s) - 2013/08/28
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


On July 31st after midnight the Oakland City Council voted unanimously to approve allocating $2 million to continue to develop the Domain Awareness Center that would integrate surveillance cameras from all over the Port of Oakland, the city, BART, AC Transit, traffic cameras, and other sensors into a local ‘fusion’ center that could effectively track private citizens movements throughout the region. Video and data feeds from all over Oakland are to be aggregated and monitored at the DAC, then analysed with license plate recognition software, thermal imaging and body movement recognition software, possibly facial recognition software, and more, all with absolutely no privacy or data-retention policies in place, or substantive debate at the committee or council level about the program.

The  Oakland Privacy Working Group and others are continuing to organize against these encroachments upon our liberty and privacy.
At our last meeting on August 14th we discussed where we can go from here now. The Kalb Amendment requires that the city approve a privacy policy by March 2014.  Strategies considered included a considering a city-wide ballot initiative and/or possible legal action, FOIA requests for camera locations & DAC plans, asking the city for a 3rd party security review of the emerging network, mapping out the stake-holders and corporations involved in pushing for the extension of technical surveillance, and pushing for a robust privacy policy that would preclude monitoring citizens’ movements and constitutionally protected behaviors.
Oakland Privacy Working Group meeting