Some notes from our SudoRoom Wednesday night meeting party.


  • Planning for the 5 minutes of fame on March 1 (Less elevator pitch, more a check-up on the creative projects going on at SudoRoom, Counter Culture Labs, and hopefully a way to roll people into more coordinated group project work!)
  • Checking out an actuator so we can redo the front door. A lot of us learned what an actuator is tonight!
  • Considering fundraising options: Offering “internet-free” therapy, where people can donate to SudoRoom so long as we offer them a “class” where they brainstorm on paper without any access to internet or their cell phones for short bursts of time. I think it’d be pretty cool since I’m an internet junkie myself. We could bring crayons and big rolls of paper and an egg timer.
  • How do we make our sudoroom more project based? Or should we even? we are not so classroom oriented, but we like what is going on at Noisebridge and Counter Culture Labs. How do we cheer each other on? we are lone inventors but we’d like to do more group-type projects without losing our individuality.


Wednesday Party Meeting Notes