From “Morning Math,” to the Boxing-Gym-Analogy Informal Math Meetings, to a fork of the Noise Bridge Machine Learning Class. There has been a lot of start-stop puttering math education at sudorom. As are still to hit our stride in this department, we will try a new approach – a more “intuitive” math. Our pilot event is entitled, “Prerequisite-free Set Theory: Just the Intuition”  this Saturday June 14th at 2pm.  You can even attend remotely using Google Hangouts link:

From the event page:

Learn how this picture relates to Set Theory Attribution:
Learn how this picture relates to Set Theory. From

The best part about Set Theory is how one can base not just most mathematics off of it, but also various philosophies, like those of Alain Badiou.

Spend an hour going over the what would be the very introductory pages to any Set Theory text. This “class” requires no mathematical requisites – only a curiosity.

Our main focus’s will be to go over (a) the need for set theory, (b) some very basic definitions, (c) some less mathematical examples.

Participants will leave being less fearful of mathematics by having understood it’s simplest building blocks, and be able to explain the Barber Paradox to their friends over pizza.

Intuitive Math at Sudo Room

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