Learning how to Learn series

Taking time to use technology mindfully, responsibly and even switch to analog techniques!

We have been successful jump-starting out learning how to learn with technology series. We’ll be adding notes to our wiki here: https://sudoroom.org/wiki/LearningToLearn

The questions affect all of us:

  • Technology is great, but how do we use it responsibly?
  • While it’s easier to monetize and save money by throwing multiple choice tests at people, doest that mean online learning is truly testing comprehension? What if assessments that cost more money such as real person conversations and using more expensive essay tests graded by real teachers might be more effective?
  • How can one use video learning tools responsibly? How can we separate a video educator’s need for vitality from the need to educate users?
  • How does oversimplification of complex topics work against us?

It’s a lot of questions, right? But we had a nice roundtable talk, and actionable steps forward!