sudo-discuss March 2013
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Friday Filosophy: Software as Speech
by Eddan Katz
9 years, 5 months

Art Murmur discussion list sign up page
by Tracy Jacobs
10 years, 4 months

Re: [sudo-discuss] sudo-discuss Digest, Vol 4, Issue 36
by Tom Fitzpatrick
10 years, 10 months

Re: [sudo-discuss] Tamale's USB pins fell out D:
by Andrew
10 years, 12 months

fabulous friday films
by Marina Kukso
11 years

The [physical] finance dropbox...
by Tommy York
11 years

Fwd: 4/2013 Statement, 2141 Broadway
by Matthew Senate
11 years

Wifi door access and label printing working again
by Marc Juul
11 years

Fwd: Re: robotics: 2-axis pointing
11 years

Sudo is at Noisebridge!
by Vicky Knox
11 years
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